Nexon Groups Review – Can You Trust NexonGroups? (Detailed Review)

Nexon Groups Review

Nexon LogoThere are many ways to see how much a broker cares about its traders. As a new trader, you might not know about all of those things, but let me tell you quite a lot of factors can help you with this. I was a trader like you at one point and then I started reviewing these platforms to help traders like you. With years, I have learned the art of identifying brokers that truly care. Based on that, let me give you this detailed Nexon Groups review.

While I look into many factors, I will talk about 4 that I think really made this broker stand out for me. So, without waiting any further, let’s dive into the review.

Choose an Account You Prefer

Here is where the story begins. Nexon Groups broker cares about you and you can see that from the multiple trading accounts it has on offer for you. So, you can sign up with whatever account you like, but the broker has clearly stated the features so you can differentiate. You can see what advanced trading accounts contain and what you get with basic trading account. If there is one thing I would like you to notice, it’s the deposit limit of each account. Basic accounts are mainly for new traders, students, and those who haven’t traded before.

Nexon Accounts

They require a very small deposit from you. With other accounts, the deposit limit maybe a bit higher. However, Nexon Groups broker keeps its deposit limits lower for all accounts after the first deposit.

Don’t Worry about Your Funds

I know it can be a bit challenging for you to deposit your funds in an online account for the first time. However, Nexon Groups broker gives you enough reasons to trust it with your money. Firstly, you can choose a method that you have always used with other online payments. Do you like to pay through your credit card that has a Mastercard or Visa logo on it? Or would you like to go with bank wire transfer? Choose the method you like and the payment will go right to your account. No, there is no commission that you will have to pay the company.

Furthermore, as soon as you deposit your funds, you can see them on your dashboard. The company maintains a segregated account where it stores the money that its traders deposit in their online accounts.

Account Managers Can Help

It can be difficult to figure out the right trading strategy when you haven’t traded before. You want to take steps in the right direction, but you don’t know what the right direction is either. Well, you don’t have to fret about it because Nexon Groups trading platform can offer account managers to help you with that. These account managers are there for the purpose of helping you with trading strategies, defining your goals, picking the right markets and assets, and pointing out when a great trading opportunity arises in any market.

When you sign up with Nexon Groups trading platform, the account manager comes with any account you pick. It’s more like a free service you are getting from this broker. Let me tell you that I have noticed this feature on other platforms too, but they only offer it to advanced traders.

You Can Pick Forex, Crypto or Commodities

Nexon Assets

Here’s what makes NexonGroups trading the best out there. I don’t want to admire the broker too much but this feature has always made me like this platform more than others. You have so many tradable instruments that you can trade on this platform that going to a different broker might not even feel right. All of these assets are there for you to trade on the same platform. You can leverage any of these markets you like.

The broker is always trying to add more assets to each asset class and category. For example, in the crypto trading section, it didn’t have so many cryptocurrencies available for trading before. However, it now has a lot of crypto coins that you can trade with it when you join the platform.

Is Nexon Groups Scam or Legit?

I wouldn’t recommend a trading platform to anyone that I’m not comfortable with. I look into many online brokers every single day and never talk about the ones that give me negative vibes. For this broker, I have always felt positive and I’m sure you will feel the same.

Final Thoughts

Rather than imposing a belief on you, I’d let my NexonGroups review do the talking. I have talked about the points, features, facilities, and qualities that I think make this broker different. When I look at this platform, I feel that it cares about its traders. You can get that experience once you decide to sign up with this broker, albeit with a basic trading account.

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