BitOpps Review – Simplified Crypto Trading for Every Trader

BitOpps Review

Cryptocurrency trading needs to be simple just like any other format of trading. Yes, there is no doubt that this market is new, but it does not mean that it is difficult or complicated in any way. You are still trading assets, just that they are digital in nature. I totally agree that trading on different platforms can be different but you have to pick the one that can make things easy for you to understand. You have to know that being new assets in the world, digital currencies still need a lot of understanding. It is the job of the trading services provider to make things easy and understandable for you.

I am not sure how long you have been looking for a good company, but my search for the right online broker went on for six months. After these six months, I was able to pick one that I still think was the best decision of my trading career. I signed up with BitOpps, an online platform that I thought served crypto traders from around the world in the best way possible. It makes trading crypto assets easy and allows enough opportunities for me to make huge profits on my trades. I get all the resources that help me choose the right assets and there are enough choices for me to pick the assets that make sense to me.

In other words, I never feel that the company is forcing me into a decision. In fact, with low margins and big leverages, I think I am achieving my financial goals faster than I had expected. Will you be able to do the same when you trade with BitOpps? I’ll help you find out by providing you with all the details you need about this company before you sign up with it.

Broker BitOpps
Trading Type Cryptocurrencies
Trading Platform Mobile, Desktop, Tablet
Fees and Commissions Minimum
Customer Support Phone and email (Regular Work Hours)
Referral Bonus Yes
Account Types Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black
1-on-1 Trading Trainer Yes
Deposits Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Wire Transfer
Spreads Fixed and variable
Minimum Deposit 250 EUR

Reviewing BitOpps for New Traders

Make an Easy Start

You have to make sure that starting in cryptocurrency trading is easy for you based on the broker you have chosen for your career. How can you be sure that the journey will be easy for you? The first thing that you have to know is the amount of money that you have to put in your account. If your company is requiring a lot of money, you might want to stay away from it. Every online trading platform is now aware that a lot of traders are entering this market for the first time. There are many traders who still don’t know what cryptocurrencies really are.

It is the job of the platform to explain everything to them so things are easy. At the same time, these online companies have to provide these traders with an easy entryway so they can at least start trading as soon as possible. However, I think a lot of online firms completely forget this idea. They keep their initial signup requirements so high that you cannot sign up with them if you are on a budget. With BitOpps, you will be happy to have your minimum deposit requirement at only 250 EUR. You will require a bit more money if you want to open a basic trading account.

However, even that amount is no more than 1000 EUR. This means you can deposit just 1000 EUR in your account and be in the market that you have been dreaming about. Even the other accounts that offer you a lot of additional features are not too far from your reach. If you have some savings, I am sure you will not mind signing up with the bronze account, which quires only 10,000 EUR from you to start it.

Get the Education You Need

We can say that this is also a part of the start of your journey. Before you start trading, you have to make sure you understand what it is all about. Do keep in mind that you cannot learn this type of trading even from people who have been in this industry for many years. If someone has been trading forex currency pairs or stocks for a long time, they might tell you a lot about trading, but not about crypto. You have to keep in mind that you are going specifically for trading digital currencies. These assets can perform and behave in a completely different manner. The triggers that cause them to go up or down in value are completely different than those for other assets.

For this reason, you need education from the people who are in this type of trading for a long time. That’s where this broker can help you a lot in learning everything that you should learn about trading digital currencies. You can start with the basic courses. These courses are there to teach you what cryptocurrency trading is all about. In these courses, you will first learn about digital currencies, the core workings of these currencies, their reason to exist, and how they are different from all the currencies that have existed on this planet before. This will invoke interest in you to trade crypto coins even more.

Furthermore, you have some great in-depth courses that are meant to turn you into a cryptocurrency trader of a professional level. Once you have reached that level, you can do all the analyzing and other works yourself. You will know when to trade and how you can turn even the worst market conditions in your favour. That is only possible once you have learned the advanced strategies that you will learn through the in-depth courses from your online trading platform. The good news is that you have all of it available for you right from the company you have opened your trading account with. You don’t have to look for any other third parties and pay them extra to teach you what trading is about.

Training and Trading Help

Some people mix trading education and training, and think that they are the same things. I could not disagree more on this particular matter. When you tell me about trading education, I am only thinking about course materials. These materials are usually in the form of videos or ebooks that you learn from. They can be a great help for you to learn any idea related to trading. Whether you are looking to get an introduction of cryptocurrencies or know about the most advanced trading strategies, they will teach you everything. However, this is nothing like learning from the expert themselves.

That’s what I think training is all about, and it is completely different from the conventional style of education that most online brokers are willing to provide you with. When you sign up with BitOpps, you will notice that you have training available in many different formats. For example, you have dedicated account managers to help you with trading. They will help you make the right decisions so you earn money from every trading decision. Of course, that’s not possible all the time, but that’s what the purpose is. In addition to that, you have some training sessions that you can attend personally. What it means is that you will have one-on-one training with the best experts in the industry.

What makes things even better is the fact that you will get webinars included in your trading accounts as well. Webinars are a great way to listen to many different experts at the same time so you can have multiple perspectives about cryptocurrency trading. I like them even more because I get the chance to ask question from the experts in real-time. No matter how good the training material is, I can tell you from experience that certain questions you have will remain unanswered. Online webinars are the best places for you to get answers to those questions that have been buzzing in your head for many days.

Upholding Ethical Trading Values

There are many online companies that like to call themselves the best ones and the first ones. However, I have yet to find someone that will also uphold the flag of ethical trading. I don’t like the fact that so many people around the world are looking at online trading platforms are targets for accumulating their laundered money. These people make money in their countries through all the black methods that are available. After they have made enough money, they move it to accounts located in other countries. They are actually trying to escape from their governments.

To do this, they look for places where there are minimum checks on their identities. This allows them to open accounts on these online trading platforms. The platforms that do not have proper ID checks in place allow them to open accounts and keep the money that they have looted from innocent people. After some time, these people take the money out and inject it into the system again as white money. If you are on the right trading platform, you will notice that they have special policies in place to stop these activities from happening on their platforms.

In the case of BitOpps, I am sure you will be happy to know that this company has AML and KYC policies implemented on its website. The KYC policy stands for Know Your Customer, which means the company has to know every customer before it allows them to sign up. The knowing means that the company will ask the customer to submit a lot of personal and identification information before letting it trade on the platform. Furthermore, you AML policy, which stands for anti-money laundering policy. This policy is there for people who are thinking about using the platform for accumulating their illegal wealth earned through unlawful means.

Since both these policies are in place, you can take a breath of relief that no illegal entities are using this trading platform. That’s the sign of a mature and ethical online trading services provider. Not all of them are like this but you can consider yourself lucky that BitOpps takes care of all these things for you.

Pick an Account That Meets Your Requirements

Why go with an account that you are not comfortable with. That’s the case with many new traders who just pick any account that seems good enough when they can’t find something exactly according to their needs. I want you to stop yourself from making this mistake. If you choose the wrong account, you can end up with things that you won’t really like. For example, you might be spending more money than you are ready to spend. Furthermore, you might see some features that really don’t serve you any value. They are only good for you when you have become an advanced trader.

In other words, don’t pay for things you won’t need. When you are just starting out as a new crypto trader, it is best that you go with a basic account. Not all online companies will give you as many choices as BitOpps does. You have six different account choices and you can go with the one that easily fits your budget. I recommend you go with the basic account with only 1000 EUR because this account is meant specifically for new crypto traders who are still familiarizing themselves with cryptocurrency trading.

Now, if you have already traded with some other online brokers, I recommend that you go with the bronze of silver account. Both these accounts are meant for people who know basic trading and have spent some time trading. The bronze account is there for you to take up with only 10,000 EUR. If you are ready to deposit 25,000 EUR in your account, you can go with the silver account. Then you have the accounts suited for professional traders. These traders know what trading is all about and have probably spent many years in trading already. You get some amazing features with these accounts, which help you a great deal in trading successfully every time you enter a trade.

A Trading Platform for New Lifestyle

When you start trading and making money from this activity, it becomes a part of your lifestyle. You might think that you would want to do trading only in certain times, but that’s not going to hold true for a long time. When you become a successful trader, you want to spend most of your time trading. You might not be trading actively, but you will at least find yourself looking into the market charts and graphs. This keeps you up to date with the recent happenings in the market and allows you to trade profitably when you finally enter a trade.

So, when you I chose this trading platform I knew I was going in the right direction. With previous brokers, I always found myself scratching my head every time I landed on the trading platform they had given me. When you look at those trading platforms, it is as though you are sitting in front of the rocket controls for the first time. You really can’t decide where to click and find out which options will do what. I can guarantee you that you will not go through this feeling when you land on the trading platform provided to you by BitOpps.

This trading platform is probably one of the easiest and most trader-friendly I have been on. It has all the things in the right places. You can trade right after a few minutes because you will not spend too much time learning the trading platform. It is pretty intuitive and everything you need for trading cryptocurrencies will be there right in front of you as soon as you open the dashboard. More importantly, you can use the trading platform from any device of your choice. You don’t have to be in your bedroom or in front of your desktop computer only to trade digital currencies. With this trading platform you can trade on the go.

The trading platform can travel with you on your mobile devices or be available for you to use on your computer. You can even use it on your tablet. There is no need to worry about the operating system you have on your device because this trading platform will run on all the major operating systems out there. So, if you have been looking for something that fits your modern lifestyle perfectly, I think this is the only trading platform you will ever need.

Crypto Assets of Many Types

The one advice that I would like to give you when you start trading in the cryptocurrency market is not to limit yourself to the big digital currencies. It seems very tempting at first that you should be putting your money in Bitcoin trading only. In fact, if you spend some time on the internet, you will realize that most of the online trading platforms are all about Bitcoin trading. Yes, it is a great digital coin, but not the only one that you can trade. Do keep in mind that despite being the best, it is also the most flexible and volatile digital coin out there.

It is best that you spend some time with less volatile cryptocurrencies and then try your hand in Bitcoin trading. You also have Ethereum available on this trading platform. It is the second biggest cryptocurrency that traders can trade on this trading platform. These are only two of the thousands of digital coins that the world has today. Now, I think you should be able to trade a lot of them and diversify your trading portfolio the way you want. You will be able to do that when you are with BitOpps. Not many other brokers will provide you with this choice.

They will keep you limited in one way or the other. If they let you trade many cryptocurrencies, they will only allow you to have a particular position. For example, they might not let you go long or short. That’s not going to happen when you trade with BitOpps. The company has made sure that you can take up any position you like in any trade. In addition to that, you have multiple choices of cryptocurrencies that you can trade. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and many other digital coins when you are with BitOpps.

Customer Support You Can Trust

This might be the last thing on the list here, but it does not mean it is not important. In fact, it is more important than any other feature that you can get from any online trading services provider. When you start trading, you will some day find yourself in a position where you need someone to help you with the technical stuff. Even though the trading platform from BitOpps is not the most difficult ones out there, there are times when you might need a helping hand understanding how a particular feature works. Or at times, you might have issues related to your trading account.

You need to have someone on the phone with you to talk about your issue and provide you with a solution before you frustrate yourself. You will not have to face any frustration when you sign up with this broker because it provides you with customer support through phone and email on the working days of the week. These professionals are knowledgeable who know how to handle the many different types of queries that you might have when you are trading with the company. They listen to you and provide you with a professional answer to your query.

Final Thoughts

Here, you can see that everything that you need as a new or experienced trader is there available from this broker. It has given you a modern trading platform to trade the best digital currencies of the world today. There is professional customer support available on email and phone to help you with all your trading related issues. Get proper training before you start trading. Learn through webinars or go for one-on-one training because all these options are available to you with BitOpps. So, you can now decide whether or not you should go with this trading platform.