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Familiarize Yourself with Some of the Most Reliable Forex Trading Platforms

The foreign exchange industry, commonly known as Forex industry has been around for a very long time. However, the online forex trading came into fashion in 2005. Since then, the forex trading industry has been making a huge difference in the online trading industry. It is currently the most valuable and highly adopted industry among the investors. It is considered to be one of the most convenient type of trading in the online sector as well as being very regulated and highly secure.

However, it is a common understanding that for any online trading industry to gain success, it needs to have the right resources and moderators. Luckily, for the forex trading industry, there are several trading platforms such as OrbitGTM that have offered a reliable and risk-free trading environment to traders.

These forex trading platforms have been around for a while and have been helping people/investors earn decent amounts of money. For professional investors, they are offering profits and gains at an entirely different level. Now it is time to discuss some of the most prominent and highly regarded/praised trading platforms for forex trading:


It is one of the most advanced trading platforms for forex. The platform is available all over the world and the investors from around the globe have been using it on a day-to-day basis. It is known for providing investors with one of the most reliable, user-friendly, and an excellent trading experience. For many investors in the forex trading industry, IG has emerged as a trading platform that is an entire package for the industry.

Apart from offering the basic trading capability, it is also very prominent among the investors for its extra support and guidance through many features. IG platform offers a vast list of tradeable products and trading pairs. Then there are tools that it offers in order to streamline your trading process and keep you updated with trends as well as market activities. The platform even provides you with the most competitive prices for trades, fees, and charges.

To take things to the next level, IG even offers you access to the education center. It is available for you to learn and get as much information, insights, and knowledge as possible while performing trades.

Saxo Bank

Then the next forex trading platform in the list is Saxo Bank. However, Saxo Bank is expensive and demanding when it comes to trade with it. The trading platform requires you to make a minimum deposit of $10,000 if you wish to trade forex through Saxo Bank. Similar to IG, Saxo Bank is also considered an excellent trading platform, offers competitive pricing, and over 40,000 instruments that you can trade in.

Furthermore, the platform offers one of the most reliable, professional, and experienced customer support. The teams it has are very professional and friendly when dealing with your queries and providing you with prompt but effective resolutions. One of the most unique features about Saxo Bank is the market research and analysis it runs for you. You are provided with the most reliable and on the mark trading signals through the analysts at Saxo Bank. This makes your decision making easier and empowers you to fully perform trades all by yourself.

CMC Markets

It is yet another forex trading platform that is highly regarded, trusted, and adopted platform all over the world. Just like its priors, CMC Markets also offers you with some of the most competitive pricings. The platform is also known for providing you with one of the most astounding and excellent trading experiences. The platform offers tools that are top-notch and state of the art, designed to smoothen your trading activities, and help you in your trades.

One of the most unique features about the platform is that you have access to more than 10,000 trading instruments offered through the CMC Markets platform. To make the research and analysis phase more convenient for you, CMC Markets has even introduced a research/analysis web application called “Next Generation”.

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